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Helping shape lives that will change the future.
February 18, 2010 2:45 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

A Full House

How do you organize moving a family of six to Kenya? What can we possibly take? How do we afford to purchase all our appliances, furniture (living room, bedrooms, dining room, and more), rugs, curtains, entire stock of kitchen items (cookware, utensils, storage containers, etc.) and everything else to move in and begin living in our new home? This should give a taste of some of our prayerful planning. It creates a lump in our throats every time we think about it! We just received news from RVA that a family is moving back to Canada this summer, and they would like to sell their whole household package! They are including all of the items I mentioned before and much more. The family gave us a detailed list and many photos (I have included some below). Many of the appliances were new in the last two years. For $4,800 we are receiving a great bargain plus peace of mind. On July 20 we arrive in New York, and then board the plane to Kenya on July 22. When we move in, all we will have to do is unpack! Praise the Lord!

February 4, 2010 12:33 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

Jennifer took our youngest two boys to the library to check out books about Africa and Kenya.  “Look mom!  The okapi has a tongue that is so long it can clean out its ears with it!” exclaimed Landon with excitement.  As they continued to flip through the book, both Landon and Trevon began to dance with excitement as they found out there are lots of peanuts in Africa (our family loves peanut butter!).  “It’s because there are so many elephants!” our five year old deduced. You have to have peanuts if you are going to have elephants, don’t you?  Well, perhaps in the circus!

We are thrilled to see what our boys are learning, and it doesn’t all pertain to Africa.  Just last night I was teaching our church youth group, which included our two oldest boys.  One has been actively telling friends and classmates about Jesus for years.  He has led several to Christ.  Last night, my other son asked us to pray for a classmate who needs to know the Lord.  This morning he prayed for this boy’s salvation again on our way to school.  I love to hear my boys praying for the salvation of their friends!  I also love to hear them pray consistently and regularly for our good friend Glenna Reynolds, and our close missionary friends from our church: the Myricks (soon to be our neighbors in Kijabe, Kenya), and the Prices (missionaries to Bosnia), and the Morgans (missionaries to athletes).  Keep praying!