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Helping shape lives that will change the future.
April 20, 2010 1:38 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

Writer’s block.  Remember those times you sat down to write a paper, but couldn’t figure out where to start?  As I sit before my computer to give you an update on what has been going on in the Hildebrand house, what should I write about?  What on earth would you like to hear about?  Hmmm…..

Should I write about Preston’s game winning goal in soccer on Saturday, or the terrible loss his team faced Sunday afternoon?  Should I tell you about Trevon’s very first game of T-ball on Saturday morning, and how he threw and batted the ball because of the time mommy spent practicing with him?  Or perhaps I need to tell you of Landon missing his soccer game Sunday afternoon to be at one of his final practices for a kid’s musical at church next Sunday.   Should I tell you about Braden being fitted for his “Who” costume and “Hunter” costume at Christian Youth Theater on Saturday?  Would you have any desire to know that Braden’s musical will be viewed by several thousand people in the course of seven performances on Mothers’ Day weekend?  I could tell you about the extra time Jennifer and I spent this week in preparation for and leading worship in a special service on Friday night and the Sunday morning services in our church.  Maybe I need to tell you about the presentation Jennifer and I gave to the missions committee at a church in Lee’s Summit on Sunday afternoon, or the spaghetti dinner fund raiser we took our family to at another church that night?

There just isn’t much going on in our family right now that I could tell you about….

April 7, 2010 1:32 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

Hildebrand’s Jar of Manna

This jar is a reminder to our family of God’s provision. All through the Bible God encouraged His people to remember His wonderful works. Throughout this journey to the mission field God has shown His hand to us in truly miraculous ways. Each item in the jar represents a way God has revealed His plan and provision to us. Each item has a numbered puzzle piece attached so that you can look up the details on this sheet of God’s specific provision.

  1. Photo of Tim and Lori Myrick and their family: We have been praying for years about the possibility of moving onto the mission field. God blessed us with developing a friendship with this family while they were home for a year on furlough. As we began hearing of their new location for ministry in Kijabe, Kenya, and the school their sons were attending, God used them to tell us that now is the time and Rift Valley Academy is the place that He wanted us to go.
  2. Reckless Faith by Beth Guckenberger: Sue Vogt handed us a copy of this book, knowing the heavy life-changing decisions being bathed in prayer at this very time in our lives. This book was perfectly timed as we were inspired by every page of Beth and her husband Todd living life with a reckless faith in Monterrey, Mexico. God helped us to overcome the fears we faced in our journey to Africa, and He gave us the courage to step out in faith.
  3. Three Bible verses: In the beginning stages of our journey, God used three verses to encourage us. Psalm 5:3, “O LORD, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch.” Ephesians 3:20, “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.” Mark 2:1-12 is the story of the paralytic who was brought to Jesus as He was teaching in a house. The four friends of this crippled man could not find a way to Jesus but rather than give up, they got creative and broke through the roof. In these economic times we knew that we would be tempted to give up, but instead God gave us creative ideas in raising our finances.
  4. A flashlight: In a conversation with Tim Myrick, Jennifer told him that one of the things keeping us from going on the mission field was fear. Tim’s response to her was that God will not illuminate the entire path before, us but will be faithful to show us what we need for that time. The more steps we take, the more God shows His faithfulness as He continues to light our way.
  5. Streams in the Desert devotional book: in the early stages of our prayer for this journey, a friend would send quotes of what she had read that day from this devotion book. Totally apart from these email conversations, another friend ordered a copy of this devotion book for us. We have been greatly blessed as we include it in our morning quiet times with the Lord.
  6. Woods Chapel family: to truly begin this journey, our family had to attend “Candidate Week” at the New York office for Africa Inland Mission. This was going to cost far more than we could afford. During this time God used our church family to give us the courage to obey Him in this HUGE step of faith. In less than two weeks, our church family provided enough money to cover the trip and use what was left over to start the process of raising our finances. Throughout this journey our church family has prayed, encouraged, and given of their time and finances as they have walked with us. We are truly thankful for our church family.
  7. Our first prayer card: one of the first things we needed to begin raising support was a prayer card. Linda Morgan is the best family photographer we know and she quickly squeezed us into her schedule to take a group of photos we could use.
  8. A Gideon Bible: Two months after we were accepted as missionary appointees, our church had a guest speaker booked to preach in the Sunday morning worship service. This Gideon could have been from the U.S., or from anywhere in the world. God is far bigger than that! Tito Musyoka lives only two hours away from where we are moving! His wife is a doctor who has served AIM missionaries and will probably work with our family! Coincidence? If God knows when a sparrow falls from the sky, and how many hairs we have on our heads, how much more does He care about us?!
  9. Family Farm Day: God put on the hearts of Jennifer and a good friend a couple of non-traditional fund raisers. Everything in this outdoor carnival was free because of generous donations from community groups within our church and many other friends and neighbors. After 50 volunteers had assembled and were ready to begin, we received word that an anonymous donor was willing to match up to $5,000 any donations given that day. At the end of the day $5,700 was received and the matching gift brought the total to $10,700! Praise the Lord!
  10. Holiday Homes Tour: In December we invited the community to tour six homes beautifully decorated to display the joyous celebration of Christmas. Four of the six homes were from Woods Chapel families, once again showing their great support. Over 60 volunteers helped as more than 300 people attended either Friday or Saturday. A combination of ticket sales, bake sale, and raffle brought in $6,600. We have also seen this event help raise awareness regarding our move to the mission field and we have received several new ministry partners as a result of this fund raiser.
  11. Purchase of a completely furnished home: How do you furnish a home on the mission field? There is only so much room in a suitcase! Our minds were set at ease when God brought along this opportunity to purchase complete furnishings all in one package from a family who is heading back to Canada this summer.
  12. Laura’s Run: Shortly after “Family Farm Day” we were hit hard by the news of the death of a close friend’s daughter. On Halloween night 16 year old Laura was killed by a drunk driver. Her mother is one of Jennifer’s closest friends and was very involved in helping with our fund raisers. Within a few weeks, Laura’s older sister envisioned having a 5k walk/run in memory of Laura that would aslo raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving. Jessica and her mother where talking about what good cause they should support with the money when they realized that Laura would want it to help us on our journey to the mission field in Africa. The morning of the run, eight inches of snow tried to rob us of our joy, but more than 600 registrations and several hundred braving weather showed great support. Approximately $15,000 was raised by this event.