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April 20, 2010 1:38 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

Writer’s block.  Remember those times you sat down to write a paper, but couldn’t figure out where to start?  As I sit before my computer to give you an update on what has been going on in the Hildebrand house, what should I write about?  What on earth would you like to hear about?  Hmmm…..

Should I write about Preston’s game winning goal in soccer on Saturday, or the terrible loss his team faced Sunday afternoon?  Should I tell you about Trevon’s very first game of T-ball on Saturday morning, and how he threw and batted the ball because of the time mommy spent practicing with him?  Or perhaps I need to tell you of Landon missing his soccer game Sunday afternoon to be at one of his final practices for a kid’s musical at church next Sunday.   Should I tell you about Braden being fitted for his “Who” costume and “Hunter” costume at Christian Youth Theater on Saturday?  Would you have any desire to know that Braden’s musical will be viewed by several thousand people in the course of seven performances on Mothers’ Day weekend?  I could tell you about the extra time Jennifer and I spent this week in preparation for and leading worship in a special service on Friday night and the Sunday morning services in our church.  Maybe I need to tell you about the presentation Jennifer and I gave to the missions committee at a church in Lee’s Summit on Sunday afternoon, or the spaghetti dinner fund raiser we took our family to at another church that night?

There just isn’t much going on in our family right now that I could tell you about….

One Response to “Writer’s Block?”

  1. Leison Dody Says:

    I am a neighbor of Jennifers parents and have watched the boys grow over the years. I love the family updates. I have one of your family photos on my frige and pray for you daily. I will keep and eye on the folks for you all and tell Jennifer maybe she can give the Royals a few pointers on hitting!!! Blessings Leison

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