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Helping shape lives that will change the future.
March 15, 2012 8:22 am
Published in: Uncategorized

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March 15, 2012

On December 28 we picked Meredith up at the Nairobi airport and helped introduce her to Africa before she headed to Tanzania for the next month. She is a student at John Brown University that we have known from our home church in Blue Springs. After being a part of AIM’s program called “TIMO Quest”, she came back to Kenya and started helping us at RVA. I am very sad as I write this thinking about the fact that she will head back to the states on April 10. She has become a great companion for Jennifer as they take early walks (at 6:30am every day!), helping in Jennifer’s classroom, and helping our family and dorm with meals. She has truly become a part of our family!

One day Jennifer decided to take Meredith to visit the hospital just down the road from RVA. As they were visiting the pediatric ward they were able to talk with a young mom who brought her newborn infant to the hospital. Jennifer and Meredith were able to see this young lady accept Christ as the hospital chaplain led her to the Lord!  Mercy, one of the chaplains in the hospital is helping to find someone in Kibera (largest slum in Africa, located in Nairobi) who can disciple this young mom when she returns to her home. Jennifer and Meredith helped in seeing the new birth of this new mom!

A day or two later, Meredith was giving our family a night off as she did study time and devotion time with the dorm. After the devotion, one boy who we were unsure of his relationship with the Lord began asking her questions. Meredith was able to lead him to Jesus that night! The room mate of this boy stuck around during this time and listened in as well. She was able to help assure him of his relationship with Jesus as well. What a week for all of us! God was able to use our visitor to help in the spiritual births of two new Christians!

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  1. Hal Waterhouse Says:

    Awwwww! Great things for this kiddo! God’s blessing is there…

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