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Helping shape lives that will change the future.
October 30, 2012 9:11 am

After several months of praying with our family and friends, in June 2009 we began our journey to Africa by attending “Candidate Week” with Africa Inland Mission. That was the beginning of a transition which included moving our family to Africa (no easy task for a family of six) and raising the financial and prayer support needed for our initial two year commitment to Rift Valley Academy. Those two years have flown by and are finished in July. After months of prayer and talking as a family we have committed to serve at RVA four more years. We have been given a “home assignment” from the end of July through the end of December.

What is “Home Assignment”?

  • “Home Assignment” is a time to reconnect with family and friends that we have greatly missed these past two years.
  • “Home Assignment” is a time to process as a family what we have experienced in a Third World continent.
  • “Home Assignment” is a time to share with churches and other groups what we have seen God do, our passion of the needs we have seen, and what is being done to meet those needs.
  • “Home Assignment” is a time to raise financial support for our family’s ministry.

We are in the U.S. this year from July 15 through December 27 on “Home Assignment”.

Click on photo to go to album of Naomi’s Village orphanage


While we look forward to reconnecting with friends and family, it is hard to let go of ministry and friends here. We ask that you pray especially for our sons who have been uprooted and brought to Africa for the past two years. Now that they have been settling into this new culture and made great friends, we are taking them back to the U.S. for a time.

During “Home Assignment”, we continue to live on monthly support during our time in the U.S., in fact expenses can be greater during this time, so your continued monthly prayers and financial support are vital.

Help us 50 new partners giving $30 in 30 days (by Thanksgiving)

October 29, 2012 10:31 am
Published in: Partnership

Help us reach 50 at 30 in 30! Click on this image to receive a response sheet in Word format.

50 givers–at $30 per month–in 30 days! After serving two years at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, Africa our family has been back in the states on a short home assignment. One of our priorities while home has been raising more financial and prayer support before going back to Africa. Would you prayerfully consider joining our team and helping us reach our support goal by THANKSGIVING?!! All we need is 50 givers at $30/month in 30 days. That is as little as $1 a day. No amount is too small or big. As the saying goes, “many hands make light work.” Partner with us today.

We are so thankful for the team of prayer and financial supporters who have faithfully and sacrificially supported us through our first two years in Africa. ALMOST ALL have committed to continue their support as our family commits to four more years, but we are short of what is needed for Africa Inland Mission to clear us to go back. To support us online, click on the 50 30 30 button and fill out the information on our giving page, or contact us by email for other ways to give.