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April 18, 2013 6:39 am
Published in: Uncategorized

In Mark 11, as Jesus set his face toward the cross and prepared to enter Jerusalem, he sent a couple disciplejesus on donkeys to fetch a donkey colt. In his omniscience, he told them where it was and that as they untied it someone would ask what they were doing. He then told them to give the answer “the Lord needs it”, and permission would be granted. A couple of things really catch my attention regarding this.

First, Jesus knows even the smallest details. There are things I face every day that I don’t understand. Things I cannot figure out. Things like why one of my sons is having episodes of breathing difficulty. His throat can constrict at any time of the day, with no regularity, with seemingly no triggers that we can figure out. A couple nights ago just before bed we took him to the hospital and everything checked out fine, the doctor could find nothing physically wrong. This is something that can stump us, but God knows even the smallest details.  The next night an episode that seemed to be the worst yet and sent us back to the hospital. We had mentioned the night before a medication being used to treat acne, but this night it was like God turned on a light. It seems this medication can cause the symptoms we were seeing. This is something that has stumped many of us for weeks, but God knows the smallest details. As Christians, we need to seek his wisdom. He knows even the smallest details.

Second, God may ask us to do things that just don’t make sense. Imagine if God sent you into a city, to a certain house, and told you to knock on the door and ask for the keys to their brand new convertible. What response would you expect? “Sure, go right ahead!” as they toss the keys to you. “It’s got a full tank. Just leave the car in the drive and the keys under the mat when you are finished.” The disciples could have felt like they were stealing this donkey colt, a thing of great value to its owner! They were not stealing it, in fact God had already prepared the heart of the owner for Jesus’ use of it.

What small detail am I facing that causes me to seek God’s wisdom? The small things really do matter. Is he asking me to do something seems to make no sense, something that seems to go against my own judgment? Father, help me to turn to you every day to seek your wisdom that I need as I continue to walk with you.

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