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What ingredients does it take to make an emotional milkshake?
Like any good recipe, the ingredients and the way those ingredients are prepared are what make a dish so good that you make it again and again. A milk shake requires only a few simple ingredients, and a powerful blender to blend it all up into its smooth, rich goodness!
The ingredients for our family’s emotional milkshake has been:

  • Braden’s graduation
  • Saying “see ya’ later” to our dorm boys, coworkers, and friends at RVA
  • Packing up our belongings to come back to the U.S. for about 5 months
  • Finishing our teaching responsibilities
  • Over 30 hours of traveling from Kenya to K.C.

Blend all the ingredients together in the powerful blender of only a few days, and what do you get? Something wonderful!  However, it’s funny because we find ourselves laughing and enjoying our time back here in the U.S. and then the next, feeling a huge empty sick feeling in the pit of our stomachs, knowing that in a few months we get back on the airplane leaving Braden at his college.  How can something as incredible as setting our son free feel so fulfilling yet so terrible at the same time?
The first week of our home assignment has been a great blessing.
Quick Overview of our schedule:

  • Braden graduated and we boarded a plane on July 17, landing in KC about 30 hours after leaving RVA, and with every piece of our luggage
  • Road trip to Africa Inland Mission US headquarters in Atlanta and then wedding in North Carolina July 22-29
  • Braden’s graduation open house at Grandma and Grandpa Roach’s home on Sunday, August 3
  • Braden and parents have an orientation for International Students at John Brown University August 20
  • Preston, Landon, and Trevon begin school August 20 (you may notice that mom and dad will not be present for the first few days of school for the younger three, grandma and grandpa will help here)
  • Then life will begin to settle into the “Home Assignment” mode:
    • Connecting with current supporters and churches
    • Presenting our ministry to new friends and churches
    • Focusing on family

We so appreciate your prayers. Already we have been incredibly blessed, God has used so many to help us. One of our supporting churches, Abundant Life Baptist Church has graciously allowed us to live in their missionary residence. Not only does it save on finances, but it also is absolutely beautiful—more than we ever imagined! Our home church, Crossway Bible Church, has stocked the pantry for us with many of our favorite foods. A huge thanks to ALBC and Crossway for taking care of us!

Our address and phone numbers while we are in the US:
1417 SW. Mission Rd., Lee’s Summit, MO 64081
Bill’s cell: (816) 982-4955
Jennifer’s cell: (816) 982-4962