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I received a message from a friend just a few days ago asking if we have been affected by the bombs in Nairobi. While these bombings took place in an area we never frequent, we still take notice. There are numerous hard things about serving in a boarding school in Kenya. But serving God is worth it! Here is one way we see God’s hand at work through a recent conversation with a student.

In the past week I have had a student from my 9th grade Bible class come to me for help. He has grown up with missionary parents, and was taught from a young age what to believe about Jesus and the Bible. He has begun his personal search for truth. What if Islam is the truth? Could Buddhism or Atheism be truth? How do I know what to believe?

This is the journey every student must go through as he grows up; moving from “My parents’ belief” to “My belief”. Perhaps you remember going through this in your younger years. Each person has to make his faith his own. For every student who talks openly with us about this, there are probably ten more who are silent. Pray that God would give us wiZZ Hildebrand on top of worldsdom in what to say as we answer questions and direct students to find answers.

Living with 22 guys in a dorm is a real bonus for discipleship! The impact we are able to make goes all through the campus. Sometimes we don’t know just how much we have impacted until a student asks us to be a part of their baptism or some other celebration. Thank you Lord!